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We at Perlan Kitchens are proud to offer the total package from design to installation, or a smaller role if you are capable of tackling parts of you project. Our confidence comes from our pride of knowledge, professional workmanship and the desire to see through to a timely completion. Our satisfaction is knowing that our customers made the right choice. Along with this we understand the true value and effectiveness of word of mouth from yourselves and your guests. When they see your kitchen and are truly impressed with the style, beauty, efficiency and cost, we know this is what will ensure our continued success. Knowing that our customers are our top priority and as such our mission is to ensure that their kitchen will be completed with minimum inconvenience and a respect for maximizing your hard earned dollar. 


We all know that kitchens are the hub of the home and kitchens are where the best renovation dollars are spent. With this said, our goal is to give you the best kitchen you deserve. To accomplish this, we only put the appropriate person on his or her skill set, keep safety at the forefront, use the correct and most aesthetically pleasing products, and do not cut corners. Some would say that this may be too costly. To this we disagree whole-heatedly and disprove this myth daily. It does not take any more time to install inferior products. Quite the opposite actually as they usually require more finesse and do not deliver the look we are trying to achieve. From the right bonding agent for tiling, to cupboard quality, to hinges and screws we save you money by only doing it once, correctly and with the appropriate installer in a timely fashion. This allows us to deliver you a top quality kitchen at a price point others try to match with cheaper skill sets and inferior products. We are not the only great kitchen design and installation company out there by any means, but I can say with total confidence that none care more, have more drive to succeed or take more pleasure in your smile upon completion than us. Make the right choice …. Make it a Perlan Custom Kitchen.


Step 1 - Inspiration

Put together your wish list.  You can find lots of good examples on the internet.

Step 2 - In House Consultation

Contact Perlan Kitchens to make an appointment for an in home design session.

Step 3 - Preliminary Estimate

We will provide an initial estimate for budgeting purposes.

Step 4 - Final Design and Quote

Once the design is finalized, a price quote and tentative schedule will be provided.

Step 5 - Delivery

Our skilled tradespeople will remove the old kitchen and build your dream kitchen.

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